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Anne Carly Abad

Author of: Moon Halves (Where the Stars Rise)

Anne Carly Abad is a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Between making custom jewelry and taking care of her hedgehog, Porky, she writes poetry, fiction, and political musings. Some of her published work can be found at Apex, Strange Horizons and the Philippines Graphic Magazine.

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Colleen Anderson

Author of: The Healer’s Touch (The Sum of Us)

Colleen Anderson has been twice nominated for the Aurora Award in poetry, and longlisted for the Stoker Award. As a freelance editor, she has co-edited Tesseracts 17 (EDGE Publishing), and Playground of Lost Toys (EXILE Editions), which was nominated for a 2016 Aurora Award. New or forthcoming works are in Clockwork Canada, Futuristica Vol 2, Deadlights, OnSpec and others. Currently she is working on an alternate history dark fiction novel and a poetry collection. Her poetry chapbook Ancient Tales, Grand Deaths and Past Lives is available through Kelp Queen Press.

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Photo credit: Kathryn Hollinrake

Photo credit: Kathryn Hollinrake

Kelley Armstrong

Author of: The Culling* (Strangers Among Us)
* Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

Kelley Armstrong is the author of the Cainsville modern gothic series and the Age of Legends YA fantasy trilogy. Past works include Otherworld urban fantasy series, the Darkest Powers & Darkness Rising teen paranormal trilogies, the Nadia Stafford crime trilogy and the co-written Blackwell Pages middle-grade fantasy trilogy. Armstrong lives in southwestern Ontario with her family.

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Charlotte Ashley

Author of Orang Tua Adventure Academy (The Sum of Us)

Charlotte Ashley is a writer, editor, and bookseller living in Toronto, Canada. Her short fiction appears in a number of anthologies and magazines, including the Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017 (ed. Rich Horton). She has been nominated for both the Aurora and Sunburst Awards and once performed a story from the equipment of a CrossFit gym.

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Deepak Bharathan

Author of: Udātta Śloka* (Where the Stars Rise)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Deepak Bharathan grew up on a staple diet of veggies, science fiction and fantasy. His father’s 3,000 book collection was the monolith that jump-started his reading. Growing up in India, he managed to write fiction for children’s magazines and for the national radio. His fiction has appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Allegory, Sci Phi Journal and Terraform. He has published nonfiction about technology in Consulting Magazine, CIO Update, Search CIO, PC Today, and CIO Decisions. His Philadelphia home is run by his one-year-old daughter. His wife and he are just along for the ride. It’s a pretty good one though.

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Maurice Broaddus

Author of: The Shabu My Destination (Seasons Between Us)

Maurice Broaddus is a community organizer and teacher. His work has appeared in magazines like Lightspeed Magazine, Weird Tales, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Asimov’s, Cemetery Dance, Uncanny Magazine, with some of his stories having been collected in The Voices of Martyrs (Rosarium Publishing, 2017) His books include The Knights of Breton Court (urban fantasy trilogy, Angry Robot), Buffalo Soldier (steampunk novella, Tor. com, 2017), Pimp My Airship (steampunk novel, Apex Books, 2019), and The Usual Suspects (middle grade detective novel, Katherine Tegen Books, 2019). As an editor, he’s worked on Dark Faith, Dark Faith: Invocations, Streets of Shadows, People of Colo(u)r Destroy Horror, and Apex Magazine.

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Vanessa Cardui

Author of: How My Life Will End (Shades Within Us), Joe (Seasons Between Us)

Vanessa Cardui has been writing songs to celebrate Laksa Media’s new releases since Strangers Among Us in 2016. She is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and storyteller. She has numerous recordings available, including Filk and Cookies (2014) and Patience (2017), featuring songs both whimsical and tragic. She especially enjoys writing on liter­ary, historical, mythological, and mental health topics. One of her songs was an Aurora Award 2019 finalist for best poem/song.

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Elsie Chapman

Author of: Introduction (Where the Stars Rise), Imago (Shades Within Us)

Elsie Chapman was born and raised in western Canada and is a graduate of UBC with a degree in English Literature. She currently lives in Tokyo with her family. She writes books for kids and teens. Books include Dualed (2013), Divided (2014), Along the Indigo (2018), A Thousand Beginnings and Endings (2018), All the Ways Home (2019), and Hungry Hearts (2019).

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Joyce Chng

Author of: Decision* (Where the Stars Rise), Blue Kueh (Seasons Between Us)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Joyce Chng lives in Singapore. Their fiction has appeared in Where the Stars Rise: Asian Science Fiction & Fantasy, The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future. Joyce also co-edited The Sea is Ours: Tales of Steampunk Southeast Asia with Jaymee Goh. Their recent space opera novels deal with wolf clans (Starfang: Rise of the Clan) and vineyards (Water into Wine) respec­tively. They also write speculative poetry with recent ones in Rambutan Literary and Uncanny Magazine. Occasionally, they wrangle article edit­ing at Strange Horizons and manages Umbel & Panicle, a poetry journal and ezine about and for plants and botany (which they also founded). Alter-ego J. Damask writes about werewolves in Singapore.

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Eric Choi

Author of: Introduction (Shades Within Us), Second Thoughts (Seasons Between Us)

Eric Choi is a Hong Kong born writer, editor, and aerospace engineer currently living in Toronto. The first recipient of the Dell Magazines Award for his story “Dedication”, he has also twice won the Aurora Award for his story “Crimson Sky” and for the Chinese themed SF anthology The Dragon and the Stars (DAW) co-edited with Derwin Mak. He was also the co-editor (with Ben Bova) of the hard SF collection Carbide Tipped Pens (Tor). In 2009, he was one of the Top 40 finalists (out of 5,351 applicants) in the Canadian Space Agency’s astronaut recruit­ment campaign.

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Suzanne ChurchSuzanne Church

Author of: Dallas’s Booth (Strangers Among Us)

Suzanne Church grew up in Toronto, moved to Waterloo to pursue mathematics, and never left town. Her award-winning fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, Cicada, On Spec, and her 2014 collection Elements. Her favourite place to write is a lakefront cabin, but she’ll settle for any coffee shop with WiFi and an electrical outlet. Soul Larcenist, book one in the Dagger of Sacrados trilogy set in Ed Greenwood’s Hellmaw Universe, is now available in multiple formats from

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Gillian Clinton

Author of: Introduction (Shades Within Us)

Gillian Clinton is an information researcher, reference librarian and amateur astronomer from London, England. She has degrees in aerospace engineering technology, history of the British Empire and Commonwealth and a Masters of Information Studies. Her company, Toronto-based Clinton Research (, has been providing high quality information services to academia, government organizations, private corporations and individuals for over 25 years. Gillian loves travelling and attending science fiction conventions. One day she hopes to have time to actually read all the books she has collected and perhaps even get a chance to look through her telescope on a clear night.

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Photo Credit: Mary Cooper

Brenda Cooper

Author of: The Crystal Harvester (The Sum of Us)

Brenda Cooper writes science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. Her most recent novel is Spear of Light (Pyr), and her most recent story collection is Cracking The Sky (Fairwood Press). Brenda’s work has been nominated for the Phillip K. Dick and Canopus Awards and won two Endeavour Awards. Brenda is a technology professional and a futurist, and publishes non-fiction on the environment and the future. Brenda lives in the Pacific Northwest where she gardens, bikes, writes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, and loves sunrises.

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Ian Creasey

Author of: The Dunschemin Retirement Home for Repentant Supervillains (The Sum of Us)

Ian Creasey was born in 1969 and lives in Yorkshire, England. He began writing when rock & roll stardom failed to return his calls. So far, he has sold seventy-odd short stories to various magazines and anthologies. His debut collection, Maps of the Edge, was published in 2011; a second collection, Escape Routes from Earth, came out in 2015. His spare time interests include hiking and gardening—anything to get him outdoors and away from the computer screen.

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Photo credit: Roger Czerneda

Photo credit: Roger Czerneda

Julie E. Czerneda

Author of: Introduction (Strangers Among Us)

Since 1997, Canadian author/editor Julie E. Czerneda has shared her love and curiosity about living things through her science fiction. A Turn of Light, first of her Night’s Edge fantasy series from DAW Books, won the 2014 Aurora Award for Best English Novel, with the sequel, A Play of Shadow, winning that award for 2015. Recent publications include the omnibus of her acclaimed near-future SF Species Imperative. Julie’s back to science fiction, writing the finale to her Clan Chronicles series. November 2015 was the release of Book #1 of Reunification, This Gulf of Time and Stars, with more to come. She was honoured to write the introduction to Strangers Among Us, for there is no family untouched by mental illness. We must better understand ourselves.

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Miki Dare

Author of: A Star is Born (Where the Stars Rise)

Miki Dare (Dare is pronounced DAH-RAY in Japanese) lives on the West Coast where she likes to express herself with whatever falls into her hands—from a pen to a paintbrush. Her science fiction and fantasy writing can be found in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Inscription Magazine, Tesseracts Twenty: Compostela, and Urban Fantasist. She is also currently working with mixed media to explore issues of identity, personal history and social realities. Her latest art series is titled Geisha Girl Stereotype Survivor.

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Alyx DellamonicaA. M. Dellamonica

Author of: Tribes* (Strangers Among Us), Bottleneck (The Sum of Us)
* Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

A.M. Dellamonica’s first novel, Indigo Springs, won the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic. Her fourth, A Daughter of No Nation, has won the Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel. Her most recent book, The Nature of a Pirate, was released by Tor Books in December 2016. She is the author of over forty short stories in a variety of genres; these can be found on, Strange Horizons, Lightspeed and in numerous print magazines and anthologies, most recently Beneath Ceaseless Skies. She teaches writing in person at the University of Toronto and online through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

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S.B. Divya

Author of: Looking Up (Where the Stars Rise), Messages Left in Transit, Devices Out of Sync (Seasons Between Us)

S.B. Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma. She is the Hugo and Nebula nominated author of Runtime and co-editor of Escape Pod, with Mur Lafferty. Her short stories have been published at various magazines including Analog, Uncanny, and, and her short story collection, Contingency Plans For the Apocalypse and Other Situations, is out now from Hachette India.

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Candas Jane Dorsey

Author of: Introduction (Seasons Between Us)

Candas Jane Dorsey is the internationally-known, award-winning author of novels Black Wine (originally Tor 1997, 1998, re-released Five Rivers 2013) and Paradigm of Earth (2001, 2002, Tor); upcoming mystery series The Adventures of Isabel, What’s the Matter with Mary Jane?, and He Wasn’t There Again Today (2020-2022 ECW); upcoming YA novel The Story of My Life, Ongoing, by CJ Cobb; short story collec­tions Machine Sex and other stories (1988), Dark Earth Dreams (1994), Vanilla and other stories (2000) and ICE and other stories (2018); four poetry books; several anthologies edited/co-edited, and numer­ous published stories, poems, reviews, and critical essays. She was editor/publisher fourteen years of literary press The Books Collective, including River Books and Tesseract Books. She teaches writing to adults and youth, professional communications at MacEwan University, and speaks widely on SF and other topics. She was founding president of SFCanada and has been president of the Writers Guild of Alberta. She has received a variety of awards and honours for her books and short fiction. In 2005, she was awarded the Province of Alberta Centennial Gold Medal for her artistic achieve­ment and community work, and in 2017, the WGA Golden Pen Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Literary Arts. She was inducted into the City of Edmonton Arts and Cultural Hall of Fame in 2019. Other awards include the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame (2018), YWCA Woman of the Year Arts and Culture 1988, and an Edmonton Arts Achievement Award 1988. She is also a commu­nity activist, advocate, and leader who has won two human rights awards and served on many community boards and committees for working for neighbourhoods, heritage, social planning, and human rights advocacy.

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Pamela Q. Fernandes

Author of: Joseon Fringe (Where the Stars Rise)

Pamela Q. Fernandes is a doctor, medical writer, and author. She’s a big Hallyu fan and likes to practice the keyboard. Her love of Joseon dramas and science fiction led to the conception of Joseon Fringe. Several of her short stories and romance novellas have been published including her Seoul-based romantic suspense Seoul-Mates by Indireads Inc. She’s also the author of the Christian nonfiction series, Ten Reminders, and currently whips up podcasts for her listeners at The Christian Circle Podcast.

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Gemma FilesGemma Files

Author of: What You See (When the Lights Are Out)* (Strangers Among Us)
* Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

Gemma Files is a former film critic and teacher turned award-winning horror author, best-known for her Hexslinger Series of Weird Westerns (A Book of Tongues, A Rope of Thorns and A Tree of Bones, all from ChiZine Publications). She has also published two collections of short fiction, two chapbooks of speculative poetry and a story cycle (We Will All Go Down Together: Stories of the Five-Family Coven, CZP). Her new novel, Experimental Film, will be available as of November, 2015. To learn more, you can check up on her at, or follow her on Twitter, Tumblr or Livejournal.

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Susan Forest

Editor of: Strangers Among Us* (anthology), The Sum of Us* (anthology), Shades Within Us** (anthology), Seasons Between Us (anthology)
* 2018 & 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Winner ** on the 2019 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Ballot (Best Related Work category)

Author of the Addicted to Heaven Series: Bursts of Fire (Book 1)***, Flights of Marigold (Book 2) *** 2020 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Winner

Susan Forest is an award-winning author and editor of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her novel, Bursts of Fire was released in 2019, to be followed by Flights of Marigold (2020) and Scents of Slavery (2021). She has published over 25 short stories, contributes to When Words Collide, and has appeared at many international writing conventions. With Lucas K. Law, she co-edited Strangers Among Us, The Sum of Us, Shades Within Us, and Seasons Between Us. Susan loves travel and has been known to dictate novels from the back of her husband’s motorcycle. Visit her online at Follow the Addicted to Heaven series online at Susan is the Past Secretary for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

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Alan Dean Foster

Author of: Exchange of Perspective (Seasons Between Us)

Alan Dean Foster has written in a variety of genres, including hard science fiction, fantasy, horror, detective, western, historical, and contemporary fiction. He is the author of several New York Times best­sellers and the popular Pip & Flinx novels, as well as novelizations of numerous films, including Transformers, Star Wars, the first three Alien films, and the most recent one, Alien: Covenant. Foster and his wife, JoAnn Oxley, live in Prescott, Arizona, in a house built of brick that was salvaged from an early-twentieth-century miners’ brothel. He is currently at work on several new novels and media projects.

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James Alan GardnerJames Alan Gardner

Author of: The Dog and The Sleepwalker* (Strangers Among Us)
* 2017 for Excellence in Canadian Literature of the Fantastic – Short Story Finalist

James Alan Gardner got a couple of degrees in Math, then started writing science fiction instead. He has won the Aurora award, the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award, and the Asimov’s Readers’ Choice award. He has published eight novels and numerous short stories. In his spare time, he studies rocks and teaches kung fu to kids.

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Bev GeddesBev Geddes

Author of: Living in Oz* (Strangers Among Us), The Gift (The Sum of Us), The Selkie’s Skin (Seasons Between Us)
* 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Awards Short Fiction Finalist and Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

Bev Geddes is a school-based speech/language pathologist and author. Her short story, Living in Oz, appeared in the Aurora Award winning anthology, Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts (2016) and was also short-listed for the award, receiving an Honorable Mention in Gardner Dozois, The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection. The Gift was published in the Aurora Award winning anthology, The Sum of Us (2017). Witch of Glencoe was included in Tesseracts 22: Alchemy and Artifacts anthology (2019). When not reading, writing, or running away to her cabin on Lake Winnipeg, she enjoys playing the harp, aided and abetted by a menagerie of cats, dogs, children and chums.

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Maria Haskins

Author of: When Resin Burns to Tar (Seasons Between Us)

Maria Haskins is a Swedish-Canadian writer and transla­tor. She was born and grew up in Sweden and debuted as a writer there. Currently, she lives just outside Vancouver on Canada’s west coast with a husband, two kids, and a very large black dog. She writes fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and her short fiction has appeared in Fireside, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Shimmer, PseudoPod, Cast of Wonders, Kaleidotrope, and elsewhere.

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Kate Heartfield

Author of: Gilbert Tong’s Life List (Shades Within Us)

Kate Heartfield grew up in Manitoba and now lives on the outskirts of Ottawa. Her first novel, a historical fantasy called Armed in Her Fashion, was published by ChiZine Publications in May 2018 and her interactive novel, The Road to Canterbury (Choice of Games, April 2018), is available now. Her short fiction has appeared in magazines including Strange Horizons, Lackington’s and Podcastle, and in anthologies including Clockwork Canada, Blood and Water, and Monstrous Little Voices: New Tales from Shakespeare’s Fantasy World. In late 2018, look for her time-travel novella Alice Payne Arrives, from Publishing, to be followed by the sequel, Alice Payne Rides, in spring 2019. She’ll have another novel coming soon from ChiZine: The Humours of Grub Street.

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Erika HoltErika Holt

Author of Frog Song* (Strangers Among Us)
* 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Short Fiction Finalist

Erika Holt resides in Calgary, Alberta, the city where she was born and still loves. Her stories are mostly urban and epic fantasy and have appeared in numerous anthologies including Evolve Two and Tesseracts Fifteen. She has edited speculative fiction of all kinds and is currently an assistant editor of Nightmare Magazine under bestselling and multiple award-nominated editor-in-chief John Joseph Adams. You can find Erika on Twitter at: @erikaholt. She’s also a member of Calgary’s Imaginative Fiction Writers Association  and blogs with the Inkpunks.

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Shaoyan Hu

Translator of:  Regina Kanyu Wang’s Back to Myan (Where the Stars Rise)

Shaoyan Hu is a speculative fiction writer/translator, born in Shanghai and currently living in Singapore. In 2016, he won a gold award for the best new writer and a silver award for the best novella of Chinese Nebula Award. He has translated a number of English novels into Chinese, including A Song of Ice and Fire series (George R.R. Martin), The Southern Reach Trilogy (Jeff VanderMeer), The City & The City (China Miéville), and The Scar (China Miéville). He is also a blog contributor for the official website of Amazing Stories Magazine.

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S.L. Huang

Author of: Devouring Tongues (Shades Within Us)

SL Huang is an Amazon-bestselling author who justifies her MIT degree by using it to write eccentric mathematical superhero fiction. Her debut novel, Zero Sum Game (Book One of the Cas Russell series), is upcoming from Tor in October 2018, and her short fiction has sold to Analog, Nature, and The Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016. She is also a Hollywood stuntwoman and firearms expert, where she’s appeared on shows such as “Battlestar Galactica” and “Raising Hope” and worked with actors such as Sean Patrick Flanery, Jason Momoa, and Danny Glover. She currently lives in Tokyo.

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Claire Humphrey

Author of: Number One Draft Pick* (The Sum of Us)
*on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Claire Humphrey is the author of Spells of Bloodand Kin (St Martin’s Press, 2016). Her short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Apex, Crossed Genres, Fantasy Magazine, and Podcastle. Her short story “Bleaker Collegiate Presents an All-Female Production of Waiting for Godot” appeared in the Lambda Award-nominated collection Beyond Binary, and her short story, “The Witch Of Tarup,” was published in the critically acclaimed anthology Long Hidden.

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Calvin D. Jim/also writing as C.J. Cheung

Author of: Rose’s Arm* (Where the Stars Rise), Clear Waters (written as C.J. Cheung, Seasons Between Us)
* 2018 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Finalist

Calvin D. Jim, born in French Canada to a Japanese mother and Chinese father, has spent his life going in several directions at once: writer, editor, IFWit, lawyer, gamer-geek, movie-lover, dad. He is a Prix Aurora Award nominated co-editor of Shanghai Steam, the Steampunk-Wuxia anthology. His stories have appeared in Rigor Amortis, Crossed Genre Quarterly and Enigma Front. He has also been a winner and a finalist for the In Places Between: Robyn Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest. Calvin lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife, two kids, and an ever-expanding army of meeples.

C.J. Cheung writes science fiction and fantasy stories inspired by his Chinese and Japanese roots but reflecting the diversity of his Canadian upbringing—a unique cross-cultural blend of East and West. A self-proclaimed geek, he managed to wrangle his wife and two sons into board games and Shotokan Karate (not necessarily in that order, and not without injury).

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Minsoo Kang

Author of: Wintry Hearts of Those Who Rise (Where the Stars Rise)

Minsoo Kang is a fiction writer, historian, and translator who is currently an associate professor of European history at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. He is the author of the short story collection Of Tales and Enigmas (Prime Books) and the history book Sublime Dreams of Living Machines: The Automaton in the European Imagination (Harvard University Press). He is also the translator of the classic Korean novel The Story of Hong Gildong, a Penguin Classic. His short stories have appeared in Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Azalea, Entropy, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, and the anthology, Shanghai Steam.

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Sandra Kasturi

Author of: The Beautiful Gears of Dying (The Sum of Us)

Sandra Kasturi is the author of two poetry collections: The Animal Bridegroom (with an introduction by Neil Gaiman) and Come Late to the Love of Birds. She is also co-publisher of ChiZine Publications, winner of the World Fantasy, British Fantasy, and HWA Specialty Press Awards. She is the co-founder of the Toronto SpecFic Col- loquium and the Executive Director of the national Chiaroscuro Reading Series. Sandra’s work has appeared in various venues, including Prairie Fire, Evolve, Chilling Tales, ARC Magazine, Taddle Creek, and Abyss & Apex. When not producing ChiZine books, she works on her own: another poetry collection, Snake Handling for Beginners, and her first story collection, Mrs. Kong & Other Monsters.

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Tyler Keevil

Author of: The Weeds and The Wildness (Strangers Among Us), Blinders* (The Sum of Us), Voices (Shades Within Us), Summer of Our Discontent (Seasons Between Us)
* selected for Best of British Science Fiction 2017 (ed. by Donna Scott, Newcon Press, Aug 2018) and on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Tyler Keevil was born in Edmonton, grew up in Vancouver, and moved to Wales in his mid-twenties. He is the author of several novels and the story collection, Sealskin (Locarno, 2018). He has received a number of awards for his writing and is a past recipient of the Writers’ Trust/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize. His speculative fiction has appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies, and has been selected for inclusion in Best British Fantasy (Salt) and Best British Science Fiction (NewCon). He is the director of the MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff University. His most recent novel is No Good Brother (HarperCollins, 2018).

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Matthew Kressel

Author of: The Marsh of Camarina (Shades Within Us)

Matthew Kressel is a multiple Nebula Award and World Fantasy Award finalist. His first novel, King of Shards, was hailed as, “Majestic, resonant, reality-twisting madness,” from NPR Books. His short fiction has or will soon appear in Clarkesworld, Lightspeed,, Nightmare, Apex Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Interzone, Electric Velocipede, and the anthologies Mad Hatters and March Hares, Cyber World, Naked City, After, The People of the Book, as well as many other places. His work has been translated into Czech, Polish, French, Russian, Chinese, and Romanian. From 2003 to 2010 he ran Senses Five Press, which published Sybil’s Garage, an acclaimed speculative fiction magazine, and Paper Cities, which went on to win the World Fantasy Award in 2009. He is the co-host of the Fantastic Fiction at KGB reading series in Manhattan alongside Ellen Datlow, and he is a long-time member of the Altered Fluid writers group. By trade, he is a full-stack software developer, and he developed the Moksha submission system, which is in use by many of the largest SF markets today.

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Rich Larson

Author of: Carnivores* (Strangers Among Us), Porque El Girasol Se Llama El Girasol (Shades Within Us), Robocare (Seasons Between Us)
* Selected for Wilde Stories 2017: The Year’s Best Gay Speculative Fiction (edited by Steve Berman, Lethe Press, July 2017), Honorable Mentions (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017 and The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017, edited by John Joseph Adams and Charles Yu, Mariner Books, Oct 2017)

Rich Larson was born in Galmi, Niger, has lived in Canada, USA, and Spain, and is now based in Prague, Czech Republic. He is the author of the novels Annex (Orbit Books, 2018) and Cypher (Orbit Books, 2020), and the collection Tomorrow Factory (Talos Press, 2018), which contains some of the best of his +150 published stories. His work has been trans­lated into Polish, Czech, French, Italian, Vietnamese and Chinese. Find free fiction and support his work via 

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Lucas K. Law

Editor of: Strangers Among Us* (anthology), Where The Stars Rise** (anthology), The Sum of Us* (anthology), Shades Within Us** (anthology), Seasons Between Us (anthology)
* 2018 & 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Winner **2018 & 2019 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Finalist

Lucas K. Law is a Malaysian-born award-winning editor and author who divides his time and heart between Calgary and Qualicum Beach. With Susan Forest, he co-edited Strangers Among Us, The Sum of Us, Shades Within Us, and Seasons Between Us. Lucas is the co-editor of Where the Stars Rise with Derwin Mak. When he isn’t editing, writing, or reading, he is a corporate and non-profit organization consultant in business planning and development. Lucas is a life member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

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Fonda Lee

Author of: Old Souls* (Where the Stars Rise)
* 2018 World Fantasy Award and (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Finalist and on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Fonda Lee is the award-winning author of Zeroboxer (Flux), which was a 2015 Andre Norton finalist, Junior Library Guild Selection, and ALA Top 10 Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers. Her most recently released novel, Exo (Scholastic) is also a Junior Library Guild Selection, with a sequel scheduled for release in Summer 2018. Fonda is a former corporate strategist who worked for or advised Fortune 500 companies before she turned back to her first passion of writing science fiction and fantasy. Born and raised in Calgary, she now lives with her family in Portland, Oregon. When not writing, Fonda can be found training in martial arts or searching out tasty breakfasts. She can be found online at and on Twitter @fondajlee.

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Gabriela Lee

Author of: DNR (Where the Stars Rise)

Gabriela Lee has been published for her poetry and fiction in the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, and Australia. Her first book of prose is titled Instructions on How to Disappear: Stories (Visprint Inc., 2016). Her previous works include Disturbing the Universe: Poems (NCCA Ubod New Writers Prize, 2006) and Laon and the Seven Headed Dragon (Adarna House, 2002). She has received a Master of Arts in Literary Studies from the National University of Singapore (NUS), and currently teaches literature and creative writing at the University of the Philippines. You can find her online at

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Tonya Liburd

Author of: Superfreak (Shades Within Us)

Tonya Liburd shares a birthday with Simeon Daniel and Ray Bradbury, which may tell you a litt le something about her. She has been nominated for the 2017 Rhysling Award, and longlisted in the 2015 Carter V. Cooper (Vanderbilt)/Exile Short Fiction Competition. Nisi Shawl and Tananarive Due both use her work in their workshops and courses. She is also the Associate Editor of Abyss & Apex Magazine. She is on Patreon at

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Karin Lowachee

Author of: Meridian* (Where the Stars Rise), Invasio (Shades Within Us), The Veil Between (Seasons Between Us)
* Selected for The Best Science Fiction of the Year, Volume 3 (ed. by Neil Clarke, Night Shades Book, April 2018)

Karin Lowachee was born in South America, grew up in Canada, and worked in the Arctic. Her first novel Warchild won the 2001 Warner Aspect First Novel Contest. Both Warchild (2002) and her third novel Cagebird (2005) were finalists for the Philip K. Dick Award. Her books have been translated into French, Hebrew, and Japanese, and her stories have appeared in anthologies edited by Nalo Hopkinson, John Joseph Adams, and Ann VanderMeer.

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Derwin MakDerwin Mak

Author of Songbun (Strangers Among Us)
Editor of Where The Stars Rise* (anthology)
* 2018 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Finalist

Derwin Mak lives in Toronto. His short story “Transubstantiation” won the Aurora Award for Best Short Form Work in English in 2006. He and Eric Choi co-edited The Dragon and the Stars (DAW Books, 2010), the first anthology of science fiction and fantasy by overseas Chinese. It won the 2011 Aurora Award for Best Related Work in English. His two novels The Moon Under Her Feet and The Shrine of the Siren Stone are science fiction that deal with religious themes in Christianity, Shintoism, and Buddhism. Derwin coedited the Speculative Fiction Issue of Ricepaper magazine with JF Garrard in 2014. He and Lucas K. Law co-edited Where The Stars Rise (Laksa Media). He is currently acquiring documents and photographs about Toronto’s Chinese Canadian science fiction writers for the Toronto Public Library’s Chinese Canadian Archives, a new collection about the history of Toronto’s Chinese community.

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Juliet Marillier

Author of: The Gatekeeper* (The Sum of Us)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Juliet Marillier, New Zealand born, Australian resident, writes historical fantasy novels and short stories, mostly for adult readers. Her work is published internationally and has won numerous awards. Juliet’s lifelong love of folklore, fairy tales and mythology is a major influence on her writing. Among her works are the Blackthorn & Grim series, the Sevenwaters series and the Shadowfell series. She is a member of OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.) When not busy writing, Juliet looks after her crew of five rescue dogs.

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Rati Mehrotra

Author of: The Bridge of Dangerous Longings (Where the Stars Rise)

Rati Mehrotra lives and writes in lovely Toronto. Her short stories have appeared in AE—The Canadian Science Fiction Review, Apex Magazine, Urban Fantasy, Podcastle, Inscription Magazine, and many more. Her debut novel, Markswoman, first book of a duology, will be published by Harper Voyager in early 2018.

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Seanan McGuire

Author of: Remember the Green (Shades Within Us)

Seanan McGuire, a Campbell, Hugo, Nebula and Locus Award winning author, writes books. It’s very difficult to make herstop. If you need her, you need only ask the corn. The corn always knows where she can be found.

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Matt Moore

Author of: Good-bye is That Time between Now and Forever (The Sum of Us)

Matt Moore writes horror and dark science fiction. His short stories, poetry and columns have appeared in a variety of print, electronic and audio markets including On Spec, Leading Edge, The Ottawa Citizen, Jamais Vu, The Drabblecast, and more. He’s a five time Aurora Award finalist, frequent panelist and presenter, and Co-Chair of the Ottawa Chiaroscuro Reading Series. His short story collection But It’s Not The End And Other Lies will be published by ChiZine Publications in January 2018.

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E.C. Myers

Author of: The Observer Effect* (Where the Stars Rise)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

E(ugene).C. Myers is the author of the Andre Norton Award winning Fair Coin and Quantum Coin, young adult science fiction novels published by Pyr, and The Silence of Six and Against All Silence, young adult cyber thrillers from Adaptive Books. He was assembled in the U.S. from Korean and German parts and raised by a single mother and a public library in Yonkers, New York.

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Mahtab NarsimhanMahtab Narsimhan

Author of: Wrath of Gaia (Strangers Among Us)

Mahtab Narsimhan was born in Bombay and immigrated to Canada in 1997. Mahtab, in Persian, means Moonlight. Her debut novel in the Tara Trilogy, The Third Eye (Dundurn, 2007), won the Silver Birch Fiction Award in 2009. The Tiffin (DCB, 2011), a middle-grade novel based loosely on the dabbawallas, has received critical acclaim, was shortlisted for many awards, and named one of the five best books for Young People in 2011 by the Quill & Quire. It has been published in the UK, China and Taiwan. Her most recent novel, Mission Mumbai, will be published by Scholastic US and Canada in Spring 2016. Mahtab lives in Toronto with her husband, son, and golden retriever. She continues to write, inspired by life, love and the desire to make sense of the world through stories.

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Brent Nichols

Author of: The Swordmaster of Ravenpeak (Shades Within Us), The Hollow Oath (Seasons Between Us)

Brent Nichols is a fantasy and science fiction writer, book cover designer, bon vivant, and man about town. He likes good beer, bad puns, high adventure and low comedy. He’s never been seen in the same room as Batman, but that’s probably just a coincidence. He has two novels with Bundoran Press, and self-publishes military science fiction under the pen name Jake Elwood.

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Julie Nováková

Author of: Screen in Silver, Love in Colour, Mirror in Black-and-White (Shades Within Us)

Julie Nováková is a Czech author and translator of science fiction, fantasy and detective stories. She has published short fiction in Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, Analog and other magazines and anthologies. Her work in Czech includes seven novels, one anthology (Terra Nullius) and over thirty short stories and novelettes. Some of her works have been also translated into Chinese, Romanian, Estonian, German, and Filipino. She received the Encouragement Award of the European science fiction and fantasy society in 2013, the Aeronautilus award for the best Czech short story of 2014 and 2015, and for the best novel of 2015. Julie is an evolutionary biologist by study and also takes a keen interest in planetary science. She’s currently working on her first novel in English and on translating more Czech stories into English.

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Heather Osborne

Author of A Mother’s Milk (The Sum of Us), From the Shoals of Broken Cities (Shades Within Us), Groven (Seasons Between Us)

Heather Osborne is an English instructor at the University of Calgary, where she works on science fiction, fantasy, and digital literatures. She is the associate editor for Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction. She has worked as the Assistant Program Director at the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society, a Calgary arts non-profit, and as assistant editor for dANDelion, a literary arts and experimental poetry magazine.

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Y.M. Pang

Author of: Dress of Ash (Seasons Between Us)

Y.M. Pang spent her childhood pacing around her grandfather’s bedroom, telling him stories of magic, swords, and bears. Her fiction has appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Escape Pod, and Strange Horizons, among other venues. She dabbles in photography and often contemplates the merits of hermitism.

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Dominik Parisien

Author of: Introduction (The Sum of Us)

Dominik Parisien is the co-editor, along with Navah Wolfe, of several anthologies for Simon & Schuster’s Saga Press, including The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales. He also edited Clockwork Canada: Steampunk Fiction (Exile Editions). His fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in Uncanny Magazine, Strange Horizons, Shock Totem, and various anthologies, most recently The Playground of Lost Toys, and Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories.

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Sherry PetersSherry Peters

Author of: Troubles (Strangers Among Us)

Sherry Peters attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop and holds an Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Her first novel “Mabel the Lovelorn Dwarf” won the 2014 Writer’s Digest competition for Self-Published ebooks in the Young Adult category. “Mabel the
Lovelorn Dwarf” has also been nominated for Canada’s Aurora Award for best YA novel. For more information on Sherry, visit her website at:

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Ursula PflugUrsula Pflug

Author of: Washing Lady’s Hair (Strangers Among Us)

Ursula Pflug is author of the critically acclaimed novels Green Music (Edge/Tesseract 2002), The Alphabet Stones (Blue Denim 2013), and Motion Sickness (illustrated by S.K. Dyment, Inanna 2014) as well as the story collections After The Fires (Tightrope 2008) and Harvesting the Moon (PS 2014). Her award winning stories have been published in Canada, the US and the UK, in literary and genre publications including Lightspeed, Fantasy, Strange Horizons, Postscripts, Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet, Now Magazine, Quarry and more. Pflug has has been shortlisted or nominated for the Sunburst Award, the Aurora Award, the Pushcart Prize, the 3 Day Novel Contest, the Descant Novella Award, the KM Hunter Award and others. Her work has been funded by The Ontario Arts Council, the Canada Council for the Arts and The Laidlaw Foundation. She edited the anthologies They Have To Take You In (Hidden Brook Press 2014), a fundraiser for mental health and The Playground of Lost Toys (with Colleen Anderson, Exile Publications 2015). She has taught creative writing at Loyalist College, Trinity Square Video, The Campbellford Resource Centre, Trent University (with Derek Newman-Stille), The Word Is Wild Literary Festival, The San Miguel Writers’ Conference and elsewhere. Her non-fiction about books and art has appeared in Strange Horizons, The Link, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Mix Magazine, The Country Connection, The Internet Review of Science Fiction and other publications. Washing Lady’s Hair is a stand-alone outtake from the unpublished novel Thin Wednesday, currently under submission.

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Tony Pi

Author of: Spirit of Wine (Where the Stars Rise)

Tony Pi writes fantasy and science fiction, and his short storieshave appeared widely. A Torontonian originally from Taiwan, he has a fondness for tales set in ancient China. He has been nominated for several science fiction awards in the past, and was the winner of an Aurora Award for Best English Poem/Song. See his list of works at

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Sarah Raughley

Author of: The Vagabond of Trudeau High (Shades Within Us)

Sarah Raughley grew up in Southern Ontario writing stories about freakish little girls with powers because she secretly wanted to be one. She is a huge fangirl of anything from manga to SF/F TV to Japanese role playing games, but she will swear up and down that she was inspired by Jane Austen at book signings. On top of being a YA writer (The Effigies series and Feather Bound), Sarah has a PhD in English, which makes her doctor, so it turns out she didn’t have to go to medical school after all.

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Robert RunteRobert Runté

Author of: The Age of Miracles* (Strangers Among Us)
* 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Short Fiction Finalist

Robert Runté is Senior Editor at Five Rivers Publishing, an Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge, and a freelance editor and writing coach at He was co-editor of Tesseracts 5, wrote the SF&F entry for the Encyclopedia of Canadian Literature, and has won three Aurora Awards for his SF criticism. He is married, has two teenage daughters, and writes using a treadmill desk.

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Nisi Shawl

Author of: Sunshine of Your Love (The Sum of Us)

Nisi Shawl’s widely praised novel Everfair came out from Tor in September 2016. Her story collection Filter House co-won a James Tiptree, Jr. Award in 2009, and she’s the co-author of the acclaimed instructional handbook Writing the Other: A Practical Approach. She helped found the Carl Brandon Society, a nonprofit supporting the presence of marginalized races in the fantastic genres, and is a Clarion West Writers Workshop board member. Nisi is fairly active on Twitter and Facebook and maintains a website; in real life she ambles around Seattle at a feline pace with her cat, Minnie, and her mother, June.

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Alex Shvartsman

Author of: Ambassador to the Meek* (The Sum of Us), Defender of Mogadun (Shades Within Us)
* Selected for Best Indie Speculative Fiction, Vol. 1 (Bards & Sages Publishing, Nov 2018)

Alex Shvartsman is a writer, translator and game designer from Brooklyn, NY. Over 100 of his short stories have appeared in Nature, Galaxy’s Edge, InterGalactic Medicine Show, and many other magazines and anthologies. He won the 2014 WSFA Small Press Award for Short Fiction and was a two-time finalist for the Canopus Award for Excellence in Interstellar Fiction (2015 and 2017). He is the editor of the Unidentified Funny Objects annual anthology series of humorous SF/F. His collection Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma and Other Stories and his steampunk humor novella H. G. Wells, Secret Agent are currently available. His second collection, The Golem of Deneb Seven and Other Stories, is forthcoming in 2018.

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Angela Yuriko Smith

Author of: Vanilla Rice (Where the Stars Rise)

Angela Yuriko Smith has published works that span multiple genres. Her writing career includes writing, editing and publishing for newspapers and writing both non-fiction and fiction. In the past, she has served as a host for JournalJabber online radio talk show and has been interviewed on NPR (National Public Radio) for her nonfiction work.

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Priya Sridhar

Author of: Memoriam (Where the Stars Rise)

Priya Sridhar, a 2016 MBA graduate and published author, has been writing fantasy and science fiction for fifteen years, and counting, as well as drawing a webcomic for five years. She believes that every story is a journey, and that a good tale allows the reader to escape to a new world. She also enjoys reading, biking, movie-watching, and classical music. One of Priya’s stories made the Top Ten Amazon Kindle Download list, and Alban Lake published her novella Carousel. Priya lives in Miami, Florida, with her family and posts monthly at her blog A Faceless Author.

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Lorina StephensLorina Stephens

Author of: The Intersection (Strangers Among Us)

Lorina Stephens has worked as editor, freelance journalist for national and regional print media, is author of seven books both fiction and non-fiction, been a festival organizer, publicist, lectures on many topics from historical textiles and domestic technologies, to publishing and writing, teaches, and continues to work as a writer, artist, and publisher at Five Rivers Publishing. She has had several short fiction pieces published in Canada’s acclaimed On Spec magazine, Postscripts to Darkness, Neo-Opsis, Garden of Eden, and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s fantasy anthology Sword & Sorceress X. Her book credits include: Stonehouse Cooks (Five Rivers Publishing), From Mountains of Ice (Five Rivers Publishing), And the Angels Sang, (Five Rivers Publishing), Shadow Song (Five Rivers Publishing), Recipes of a Dumb Housewife (Lulu Publishing), Credit River Valley (Boston Mills Press), Touring the Giant’s Rib: A Guide to the Niagara Escarpment (Boston Mills Press). Lorina is presently working on two new novels, The Rose Guardian, and Caliban. She lives with her husband of over four decades in a historic stone house in Neustadt, Ontario. You can catch up with Lorina through her website at:

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Kate Story

Author of: Am I not a Proud Outlier? (The Sum of Us)

Kate Story is a writer and performer. A Newfoundlander living in Ontario, Canada, her first novel Blasted (Killick Press) received the Sunburst Award’s honourable mention. She is the 2015 recipient of the Ontario Arts Foundation’s K.M. Hunter Award for her work in theatre. Recent publications include short stories “Yoke of Inauspicious Stars” (Carbide Tipped Pens, Tor Books); “Unicorn” (World Fantasy Award-nominated Gods, Memes, and Monsters, Stone Skin Press); “Show and Tell” (Aurora Award-nominated Playground of Lost Toys, Exile); “Equus” (Clockwork Canada, Exile); “Where the Seas Roll Up Their Thunder” (Those Who Make Us, Exile); and inclusion in ChiZine Publication’s Imaginarium: Best Canadian Speculative Writing 2015. She is honoured to be included in The Sum of Us.

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Karina Sumner-Smith

Author of The Oracle and The Warlord* (The Sum of Us), A Grave Between Them (Seasons Between Us)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

Karina Sumner-Smith is the author of the Towers Trilogy from Talos Press: Radiant, Defiant, and Towers Fall. In addition to novel-length work, Karina has published a range of science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories that have been nominated for the Nebula Award, reprinted in several Year’s Best anthologies, and translated into Spanish and Czech. She lives in Ontario near the shores of Lake Huron.

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Photo Credit: Wild Eyed Photography

Photo Credit: Wild Eyed Photography

Amanda Sun

Author of: What Harm (Strangers Among Us), The Gardener (The Sum of Us), Weaving Silk (Where the Stars Rise), The Travellers (Shades Within Us), The Light of Stars (Seasons Between Us)

Amanda Sun is a YA and Fantasy writer, and author of The Paper Gods, a series set in Japan about dangerous drawings coming to life. She also wrote Heir to the Sky, about floating continents and monster hunters, and has contributed to several award-winning anthologies. Many of her novels and short fiction have been Aurora Award nominees and Junior Library Guild selections, as well as Indigo Top Teen Picks and USA Today features. Her recent story “The Travellers” was long-listed for the Sunburst Award. When not reading or writing, Sun keeps busy as a mother, cosplayer, and geeky stitcher.

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Naru Dames Sundar

Author of: The Orphans of Nilaveli (Where the Stars Rise)

Naru Dames Sundar writes speculative fiction and poetry. His fiction has appeared in Lightspeed, Strange Horizons & Nature Magazine. He is a recipient of the 2016 Prix Aurora award for best poem. He lives in Northern California amid redwoods, moss and the occasional turkey. Find him at or on twitter as @naru_sundar.

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Patrick Swenson

Author of: Hope to See the Ghost Tonight (Seasons Between Us)

Patrick Swenson edited Talebones magazine for 14 years, and he still runs Fairwood Press, a book line. He was nominated for a World Fantasy Award for his work with the press. His first novel The Ultra Thin Man appeared from Tor, followed by sequel The Ultra Big Sleep. His new novel Rain Music is now available. He has sold stories to the anthologies Unfettered III and Like Water for Quarks, and to various magazines. He runs the Rainforest Writers Village retreat every spring at Lake Quinault, Washington. A high school teacher for 35 years, Patrick lives in Bonney Lake, Washington with his son Orion.

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Jeremy Szal

Author of: The dataSultan of Streets and Stars (Where the Stars Rise), Inkskinned (Shades Within Us)

Jeremy Szal was born in 1995 in the outback of Australia and was raised by wild dingoes. His speculative fiction has appeared in Nature, Abyss & Apex, Lightspeed, Strange Horizons,, The Drabblecast, and has been translated into multiple languages. He is the fiction editor for Hugo-winning podcast StarShipSofa and holds a rather useless BA in Creative Writing and Film Studies. He is represented by John Jarrold of the John Jarrold Literary Agency. He carves out a living in Sydney, Australia, where he drinks too much craft beer and watches too many films.

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Bogi Takács

Author of: The Hidden Knowledge Society (Seasons Between Us)

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish agender trans person (e/em/eir/ emself or they pronouns) and an immigrant to the United States. E is a winner of the Lambda award for editing Transcendent 2: The Year’s Best Transgender Speculative Fiction, and a finalist for the Hugo and Locus Awards. Eir debut poetry collection Algorithmic Shapeshifting was published by Aqueduct Press, and eir debut short story collection The Trans Space Octopus Congregation was published by Lethe, both in 2019. You can find Bogi talking about books at http://www.bogireadstheworld. com, and on various social media as bogiperson. Bogi lives in Kansas with eir spouse (writer R.B. Lemberg), child, and an assembly of books.

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Hayden Trenholm

Author of: Marion’s War* (Strangers Among Us), The Burdens We Bear (The Sum of Us), In a Bar by the Ocean, the World Waits (Shades Within Us), Lay Down Your Heart (with Liz Westbrook-Trenholm, Seasons Between Us)
* 2017 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Short Fiction Winner and Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

Hayden Trenholm is an award-winning editor, playwright, novelist and short story writer. His first novel, A Circle of Birds, won the 3-Day Novel Writing competition; it was translated and published in French. His trilogy, The Steele Chronicles, were each nominated for an Aurora Award. Stealing Home, the third book, was a finalist for the Sunburst Award. Hayden has won five Aurora Awards—thrice for short fiction and twice for editing. He purchased Bundoran Press in 2012 and is its managing editor. He lives in Ottawa with his wife and fellow writer, Liz Westbrook-Trenholm.

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James Van Pelt

Author of: Mother Azalea’s Sad Home for Forgotten Adults* (The Sum of Us)
* on Tangent Online Recommended Reading List 2017

James Van Pelt is a part-time high school English teacher and full- time writer in western Colorado. He’s been a finalist for a Nebula Award and been reprinted in many year’s best collections. His first Young Adult novel, Pandora’s Gun, was released from Fairwood Press in August of 2015.

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Regina Kanyu Wang

Author of: Back to Myan (Where the Stars Rise)

Regina Kanyu Wang is a science fiction writer and fan from Shanghai, China. Winner of Chinese Nebula Awards for her writing as well as her contribution to the fandom, she is the co-founder of SF AppleCore and council member of World Chinese Science Fiction Association (WCSFA). Her short story, “Back to Myan,” won the SF Comet competition in Feb, 2015. Her novella, “Of Cloud and Mist” won the Silver Award for Best Novella of Chinese Nebula 2016. Her stories and articles in Chinese can be found in Science Fiction World, Mengya, Bund-pic, Numéro, and etc. She has published a book on traditional Shanghai cuisine. Born in 1990, Regina chaired 2009 Shanghai Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival at the age of 19 and many other sff events in Shanghai since then. She attended her first con, Finncon 2013, in Helsinki and started her journey in the international fandom. She writes in English about Chinese science fiction, which can be found in Mithila Review and Amazing Stories Magazine.

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Liz Westbrook-Trenholm

Author of: Gone Flying* (The Sum of Us), Critical Mass (Shades Within Us), Lay Down Your Heart (with Hayden Trenholm, Seasons Between Us)
* 2018 (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Award Winner

Liz Westbrook-Trenholm has published or aired mainstream and specu­lative short fiction, most recently in Shades Within Us (Laksa Media), Over the Rainbow (Exile Press), Tesseracts 22 (Edge) and Amazing Stories. She won the Aurora Award for short fiction for Gone Flying in 2018 and was nominated in 2019 for her story Critical Mass. She is a long-distance, founding member of Imaginative Fiction Writers Association in Calgary, and of East Block Irregulars writing group in Ottawa, where she now lives with her husband, writer, editor, publisher and inspiration, Hayden Trenholm.

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Edward WillettEdward Willett

Author ofI Count The Lights (Strangers Among Us), The Mother’s Keepers (The Sum of Us)

Edward Willett is the author of more than 50 books of fiction and non-fiction for all ages. Marseguro (DAW Books) won the Aurora Award for Best Long-Form Work in English in 2009. His eighth novel for DAW, The Cityborn, came out in July 2017, and he’s now working on a new fantasy series, Worldshapers. Other recent titles include the Masks of Aygrima trilogy for DAW (written as E.C. Blake) and the Shards of Excalibur YA series for Coteau Books. His non-fiction runs the gamut from science books to biographies to history. Born in Silver City, New Mexico, Ed grew up in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, and now lives in Regina with his wife, Margaret Anne Hodges, a telecommunications engineer, and their teenaged daughter, Alice.

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A.C. WiseA. C. Wise

Author of: How Objects Behave on the Edge of a Black Hole* (Strangers Among Us)
* Honorable Mention (The Year’s Best Science Fiction: Thirty-Fourth Annual Collection, edited by Gardner Dozois, St. Martin’s Griffin, July 2017)

A.C. Wise‘s work has appeared in publications such as Clarkesworld, Shimmer, Apex, and Imaginarium: The Best Canadian Speculative Fiction, among other places. In addition to her fiction, she co-edits Unlikely Story, and contributes a monthly Women to Read: Where to Start column to SF Signal. Her debut collection, The Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron Saves the World Again, was published by Lethe Press in late 2015.

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Diana Xin

Author of: A Visitation for the Spirit Festival (Where the Stars Rise)

Diana Xin holds an MFA from the University of Montana and a BA from Northwestern University. Her work has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review, Gulf Coast, Narrative Magazine, and elsewhere. She has also received fellowships from the Loft Literary Centre and the Richard Hugo House.

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Christie Yant

Author of: Things that Creep and Bind (The Sum of Us), Habitat (Shades Within Us)

Christie Yant writes and edits science fiction and fantasy on the central coast of California, where she lives with a dancer, an editor, two dogs, three cats, and a very small manticore. Her stories have appeared in anthologies and magazines including Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2011 (Horton), Armored, Analog Science Fiction & Fact, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, io9, and In 2014, she edited the Women Destroy Science Fiction! special issue of Lightspeed Magazine, which won the British Fantasy Award for Best Anthology.

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Caroline M. Yoachim

Author of: Dreams as Fragile as Glass (The Sum of Us)

Caroline M. Yoachim lives in Seattle and loves cold cloudy weather. She is the author of dozens of short stories, appearing in Fantasy & Science Fiction, Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, and Lightspeed, among other places. Her debut short story collection, Seven Wonders of a Once and Future World & Other Stories, came out with Fairwood Press in August 2016.

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Jane Yolen

Author of: The Astronaut’s Four Seasons (Seasons Between Us)

Jane Yolen, often called “the Hans Christian Andersen of America,” is the author of over 382 books, including Owl Moon, The Devil’s Arithmetic, and How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight. The books range from rhymed picture books and baby board books, through middle grade fiction, poetry collections, nonfiction, and up to novels and story collections for young adults and adults. She is a Grandmaster of SFWA, SFPA, and the World Fantasy Association. Six New England colleges and univer­sities have given her honorary doctorates for her body of work. One of her awards set her good coat on fire.

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Melissa Yuan-Innes

Author of: Crash (Where the Stars Rise)

Melissa Yuan-Innes writes fantasy and science fiction, including her novels Wolf Ice and High School Hit List, to escape from her cool work as an emergency doctor. Her short stories appear in Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2017 (Paula Guran, ed.), Nature, Writers of the Future XVI, Tesseracts 16, Fireside Magazine, and the Aurora-winning anthology The Dragon and the Stars. Since no one can pronounce her name, Melissa also writes mysteries under the pseudonym Melissa Yi, for which she was shortlisted for the Derringer Award.

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Ruhan Zhao

Author of: My Left Hand (Where the Stars Rise)

Ruhan Zhao was born in Wuhan, China, and earned his PhD in mathematics at University of Joensuu in Finland. He spent about two years in Kyoto University as a JSPS postdoctoral fellow before he came to the United States. Currently, he is a mathematics professor at College at Brockport, SUNY. Ruhan has published a number of stories in Science Fiction World, Science Fiction King, and other magazines in China, and has served three times as a member in the selecting committee for the Chinese Nebula Award for Science Fiction. My Left Hand is his first professional sale in English.

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Alvaro Zinos-Amaro

Author of: Shades of Void (Shades Within Us), Sympathétique (Seasons Between Us) 

Alvaro Zinos-Amaro is a Hugo and Locus award finalist who has published some forty stories and over one hundred reviews, essays and interviews in venues like Clarkesworld, Asimov’s, Analog, Lightspeed,, Locus, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Nature, Strange Horizons, Galaxy’s Edge, Lackington’s, The Los Angeles Review of Books, and anthologies such as The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016, Cyber World, Humanity 2.0, This Way to the End Times, 18 Wheels of Science Fiction, Shades Within Us, The Unquiet Dreamer, and Nox Pareidolia.

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