Submission Guidelines for Authors

Submission Guidelines for Authors

Submission Guidelines for Authors


Due to Covid-19 disruptions, we have postponed the publication dates for some of our titles to 2021 and 2022. So, we are not opened to submissions at this time or in the near future.

We only accept manuscripts from Canadian and American authors (citizens, landed immigrants, expats, etc.) or authors with an Asian ancestry (defined here). No editorial comment will be given unless the submission has the potential for publication with Laksa Media.

Reading Period
Non-fiction:                                         May 1st to October 31st (Important Notice: Closed for 2020 and 2021)
Fiction:                                                 April 1st to September 30th (Important Notice: Closed for 2020 and 2021)
Short Fiction Collection:                  Closed for submission
Agent Queries and Submissions:   Year-Round


Our needs involve stimulating and provocative subjects that challenge the current status quo.

We are actively looking for memoirs celebrating food, family and life or with an emphasis on personal struggle and/or triumph against mental illness or other life’s challenges.  We are also looking for narrative non-fiction related to caregiving/care-givers, travel, food, family & relationship, popular culture, multiculturalism, ethnicity, and QUILTBAG. Push the boundary, be different, and try us.

The proposals should span across the different disciplines or subjects to stand against the test of time and bring new inspirational ideas and provocative narratives.

Guidelines for Non-fiction

In order for Laksa Media to consider your non-fiction book for potential publication, please send a proposal that includes:

  • A complete table of contents and a brief capsule of the contents of each chapter;
  • Estimated length of manuscript (estimated number of words and pages)
  • Three sample chapters (excluding the first chapter);
  • A list of competing or comparable titles in the last three to five years and how your book differs from them (i.e. unique features, any new or fresh approach, special features);
  • A description of the target audience and specific applications or uses for your book;
  • Author bio or resume specifying credentials and publication credits, your level of expertise on the proposed subject, and the reasons, problems or situations which prompted you to write this book.

Submit your proposal using the submission form.




We strive to publish a balance of general audience and literary experimental fiction for Young Adult and Adult. It doesn’t matter if you are a commercial fiction author or a literary novelist. Captivate us with a beautifully written story filled with rich characters, memorable plot and resonant theme that transcends time and genre. Engage us with stories from the margin of culture, specific geographical perspectives and regions of resistance  that are under-explored in the mainstream literature.

We look for edgy, provocative and authentic writing. It can be lighthearted and humorous or downright dangerous and disturbing. But, it has to be honest and real.  What works best for us is an issue-related story.

We also look for multicultural, ethnic and interracial literature that does not fit exactly into a particular sub-genre. Avoid the same old formulaic stories. Give us genre-bending fiction, or even better a cross-existence between mainstream and literary fiction. Show a different perspective and unique voice. Do not be afraid to be different.

We do not accept any children or graphic fiction. No drama or poetry submissions at this time.

Guidelines for Fiction

Preferred Length: less than 100,000 words (no short stories or story collection); novels in a series are welcome.

Submit your manuscript using the submission form. Query with synopsis and 3 sample chapters. Include the estimated word count, brief bio and list of writing experience and/or publishing credits (if any) in the cover letter.


Story Collections

We are interested in single author’s short fiction collections of reprints and new works. The collection must consist of at least 30% new works.

For reprints, author must have exclusive copyrights to their works.

Guidelines for Short Fiction Collection

Preferred Length: less than 80,000 words

Please contact us with a proposal. Include synopsis, estimated word count, brief bio and list of publishing credits.

Sample Reading List

A short sample list of books we enjoyed recently can be found here.