About Us

About Us

Laksa Media Groups Inc. publishes issue-related general audience and literary experimental fiction and narrative non-fiction books.  Our mission is to create opportunities to ‘pay forward’ and ‘give back’ through our publishing program. Our tag line is Read for a Cause, Write for a Cause, Help a Cause.

Laksa Media is a member of the Book Publishers Association of Alberta and Independent Book Publishers Association. We have won a number of awards including Alberta Book Publishing Awards and (Canadian SF&F) Aurora Awards.

We offer advances and royalties to our authors and believe in transparency and fairness to those who are involved in our projects. In addition, we try and publish subjects that are related to our social causes.

A portion of our net revenue from each book project goes to support a charitable organization, project or event. We do not deal with any charity that promotes politics, religions, discrimination, crime, hate and inequality.

The charitable causes dear to our hearts are literacy, education, libraries, elder care, mental health, affordable housing, and prevention of abuse and bullying. We prefer to be pro-active with the charities that we support and we encourage our authors, friends, publishing colleagues and web visitors to join us in our social good campaigns.

We support the bookstores, documentary films, writing,  reading and publishing communities, and non-profit sectors.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. To listen, understand, learn, and connect with our friends and supporters of the writing, reading, publishing, entertainment and media communities; 
  2. To support and partner with the writing, reading, publishing, entertainment and media communities;
  3. To establish a culture of ‘Paying Forward’ or ‘Giving Back’ in each of our projects;
  4. To create a network of meaningful partnerships and strategic alliances where the sum of us can make a difference in the world;
  5. To promote diversity , artistic endeavours, ethnic and multicultural understanding;
  6. To promote the non-profit community;
  7. To drive to quality and authenticity in everything we do;
  8. To maintain a steady growth and sustain a profitable business so that we can continue to make a difference in social good.

Managing Editor:  Lucas K. Law

Non-Fiction Editor & Director of Communications: Timothy H. Feist

Book Cover Art/Design & Interior Layout: Samantha M. Beiko

Interior Book Layout: Jared D. Shapiro

Web Design & Maintenance, E-Book Layout: Clare C. Marshall

E-Book Layout: Tod McCoy

Cover Design & Promotional Materials: Veronica Annis

Copyediting & Proofreading: Leigh Teetzel

ISBN Prefix: 978-0-9939696, 978-1-988140

Mailing Address:

Laksa Media Groups Inc.
PO Box 57060
Calgary, AB T1Y 5T4