The Sum Of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound (follow-up to Strangers Among Us)

The Sum Of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound (follow-up to Strangers Among Us)

draft sum of usAnthology Title: The Sum of Us

Sub-title: Tales of the Bonded and Bound

Series Title: Laksa Anthology Series: Speculative Fiction

Genre: All original short speculative fiction

Anthology Editors: Susan Forest & Lucas K. Law

Don’t underestimate those bound with invisible bonds for they have the resources to overcome their doubts to make the worlds of others a better place.

Proposed Anthology:
How do you incorporate care-giving into your short speculative fiction? What happens where care-giving and illness/disability (physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual) intersect? What does the relationship of inter-dependence between them look like? In this anthology, try to marry the two elements: care-giving, illnesses/disabilities. It can be as subtle or as direct as you want. It can be traditional or off the usual norm. And don’t forget the speculative elements. The timeline can be in the past, present or future or somewhere out there… For example, how will care-giving or care-giver look like in the future? The interpretation is yours.

Care-giving comes in many forms—parents, sons and daughters, family members, medical services, volunteer, police & fire services, teachers/coaches, friends, etc. Surprise us with your creativity.

We often think of the ones with the illness or disability: we often forget the care-giver. The care-giver is the unsung hero in our society—giving energy, time, and tears with no thought of thanks. What if the care-giver needs care-giving too?

Either of them (the ill/disabled person or care-giver)—or both—may feel alone on this journey; not truly understood.

How do you shine a positive light on such a difficult subject? How do you bridge the gap without falling into a negative or depressing trap in your story? Let’s champion care-giving and show our appreciation for their giving, in our families, and in our society.

Don’t forget: changes (environment, agriculture, civil integration, economics, technology, natural and social sciences, innovations) are occurring that may contribute to the fine balance between joy and despair, contentment and dissatisfaction, health and sickness.

In this anthology, please do not stereotype care-giving, illnesses and disabilities; be realistic within the bound of speculative fiction. We are looking for stories to celebrate character diversity (ethnic, age, walks of life, sexuality, etc.). No erotica. Cross-genre is encouraged. This anthology is geared towards Young Adult and Adult.

Project Objectives:
• A portion of Laksa Media’s net revenue from this anthology will go directly to support one of the programs provided by Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).
• Laksa Media will donate CAN$1,000 upon the publication of this anthology.

Paperback: 978-0-9939696-9-0
ePub: 978-1-988140-00-1
PDF: 978-1-988140-01-8
Kindle: 978-1-988140-02-5
Tentative Release Date: Summer 2017 (preferably before August to debut at the When Words Collide, a festival for readers and writers, in Calgary)

Definition of Speculative Fiction:
Speculative fiction is a broad literary genre term encompassing any fiction with supernatural, fantastical, or futuristic elements—and covers a wide spectrum, ranging from science fiction to fantasy to horror and everything-in-between them (sub-genre) such as magic realism, alternate history, weird, dystopian, apocalyptic, and time travel.


About Susan Forest
Susan Forest is a three-time Prix Aurora Award finalist and a writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror, and a freelance fiction editor. Her stories have appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Tesseracts, AE Science Fiction Review, OnSPEC Magazine, and The Urban Green Man, among others. Her collection of
short fiction, Immunity to Strange Tales, was published by Five Rivers Press. Susan co-edits Strangers Among Us anthology with Lucas K. Law. Susan acted as judge for the Endeavour Award, and the Robin Herrington Memorial Short Story Contest, and she contributes to Calgary’s annual literary festival, When Words Collide. Susan is also Secretary for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). She teaches creative writing at the Alexandra Centre, and has appeared at numerous local and international writing conventions.
Memberships: SFWA, IFWA, SF Canada

About Lucas K. Law
Lucas K. Law is a Malaysian-born freelance editor, published author, engineering consultant and business coach who divides his time and heart between Calgary and Qualicum Beach. He is currently co-editing Strangers Among Us anthology with Susan Forest and Where The Stars Rise anthology with Derwin Mak. He had been a jury member for a number of fiction competitions including Nebula, RITA and Golden Heart awards.
Memberships: SFWA, Codex Writer’s Group, Sisters-in-Crime, Crime Writers of Canada